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Оригинальное сообщение

05.05.2006 21:51:00
Тема: Благодарность

Отличный сайт, Молодцы! Вы достойны уважения! Грамотно оформлен. Нашел много интересного! Спасибо вам! :) С уважением, Фаргус.

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03.04.2013 17:59:31
Автор: yZYQUukzVzkw
Тема: NZZtRtGNLrKvi

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02.04.2013 5:06:11
Автор: szBFeCYwQxkBEmznC
Тема: yrOHCrimMIvd

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28.02.2013 14:50:09
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01.04.2013 22:18:08
Автор: PmrJCMdwdhsJ
Тема: RzGFXaOofdtMRgX

that, as journalists, can “Zhuidu” to “children such as Fan,” the big man, snap picutr of their most enjoy fun. In my opinion, dress in glamor costum of the deputi and member of course, wonderful, doe not know that report recogn as be “the most material” in Tiananmen Square, and “hidden” 62 Most non-brand children' “stealth” high-rank offici provinc and citi “top leaders” lead cadres. To observ carefulli everi morning, “stationed” in Tiananmen Square, wait to snap representatives, member of admiss of a journalist, you will find a lot of “small doorwai children.” The earli morn of March 4, the Third Session of the Eleventh Nation People' Congress held a preparatori conference. 10 am, the bu carri the particip began to enter Tiananmen Square. The door open, the bodi carri “Changqiangduanpao” report quickli turn hi len to give to their immedi goals, and help win the Third Session of the Eleventh Nation People' Congress' first “sieg warfare.” Day, 20 minut befor and after, I wa fortun to have encount such as Henan Governor Guo Gengmao eight provincial-level lead officials. Opportun ar limited, time is short, captur picutr of some of the qualiti is not veri satisfactory, but in a short span of 20 minutes, reli on their memories, in their non-fam case, captur the leadership of admiss to the 8-bit excit moments, unfortunately, I still did not conceal hi excit of feeling. In fact, walk in the “great force” in the vast major of provinc and municip “in charge” and not wear a chest badge, thei ar “hidden” on behalf of the admiss of the team. The low-kei appear of these senior officials, so that those bent on “seiz the materi children,” the report catch up. If you look card and children' act, those senior moment on admiss is like to be ignored. A number of small scene I remember, when you see the governor of Henan Provinc Guo Gengmao face came, I came up tight busy, “Kaka Cha Cha” and shoot up, Guo governor cheerfulli said to me: “I did not take a licens licensing, how ha come to shoot me? “I pat the side of picutr while I answered,” I did not recogn you with a card and also, you ar the Henan Province, ah, you ar also the focu of two! “The statement finished, not far from sever bit “paying” the report hurriedli bolt over, chase all the wai to go toward Guo Gengmao. Is often valuabl inform to those point on around us, at your fingertips. Go back to think, due to the natur of work, in fact, that 62 provinc and municip “in charge” leadership faces, name well known to the basic situation. If there is no such accumulation, homework not done enough, these “invis people” ar like to be ignored. As the sai goes, opportun ar alwai reserv for those who ar prepared, if you look carefully, usual pai attent accumulation, carefulli studi and profession work relat to inform and advic in the “battlefield” Mayb you will get a lot of unexpect harvest. March 5, the same time, same place, on behalf of the member between admiss and I in turn appoint secretari of the Fujian provinc Sun Chunlan “number one” leadership figur record in the “machine.” To see to get a bit snap the hand of the leadership of picutres, the heart of the excit and novelty, not the slightest feel diminished.

11.02.2013 16:02:17
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02.04.2013 5:19:26
Автор: dpMMMmrwcYhqMLb
Тема: mfMzhlAFlQCtN

Lorraine F. : e0 fond. J'adore !Aure9lie Malau : A de9couvrir au plus vite Anonyme : Merci ! Tu m'as fait de9couvrir 2 nouveaux blogs.Loefc Laugier : Hahaha, mais ce n'est pas moi ! Cette fille s'appelle Andy Torres et tient le blog Style Scrapbook.Sophie : Oui, je suis diicetrrce artistique dans la pub. J'ai donc fait des e9tudes de publicite9 et mon me9tier consiste e0 cre9er des concepts de campagne de pub pour des marques et ensuite de les re9aliser avec un photographe ou un re9alisateur. J'ai travaille9 dans plusieurs grosses agences e0 Bruxelles et si tu veux tout savoir, je viens juste de cre9er la mienne Je ne sais pas exactement ce que tu veux faire mais des diicetrrces artistiques, il y en a dans beaucoup de domaine, la mode par exemple.Marina : Merci, c'est tre8s gentil. Malheureusement, je n'ai pas assez de temps pour poster re9gulie8rement.


02.04.2013 2:46:44
Автор: gcmVfwSZ
Тема: yxnxgfaLtnDbZqQ

Fidnnig this post. It's just a big piece of luck for me.


02.04.2013 3:34:50
Автор: agoNBnOrH
Тема: vGIEBkrrOTkOv

I love them, love them, love them. Did I made that clear enough? :)) Sincer, de abia aseptt sa le port pe ale mele si cand aud oameni carora nu le plac imi vine sa slap them silly. Sunt cele mai adorabile cizme ever, they make your feet look like a teddy bear. Who doesn't love teddy bears?


01.04.2013 18:04:09
Автор: SBVORvweeax
Тема: oGHkZsyEQNXsbSILf

A really good aswner, full of rationality!


04.04.2013 14:52:21
Автор: VDHOzDxnkLxR
Тема: SgJmDqGFgGHP

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07.04.2013 13:56:20
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03.11.2006 10:29:00
Автор: Oleg Chernov
Тема: Re: Молодцы

Всегда рады доставить положительные эмоции братьям по разуму :D

05.05.2006 21:51:00
Автор: Фаргус
Тема: Благодарность

Отличный сайт, Молодцы! Вы достойны уважения! Грамотно оформлен. Нашел много интересного! Спасибо вам! :) С уважением, Фаргус.


28.11.2012 9:54:07
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09.03.2005 11:41:00
Автор: Pavel
Тема: Платформа

Ваша система платформозависимая? Версия под Windows не интересует. Есть ли поддержка Unix?


20.03.2006 5:03:00
Автор: Виктор Куличенко
Тема: Re: Платформа

БИС работает под управлением Microsoft Windows. Для запуска БИС из под Linux используте какой-либо эмулятор Microsoft Windows для Linux


05.12.2012 17:07:26
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12.01.2013 3:45:24
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16.02.2013 13:33:40
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